Melissa Bernard
Inverell, NSW


I am, amongst many other things, a wife, Mumma-Bear and photographer. I grew up on a small farm and had the ultimate childhood - fresh country air, surrounded by animals, beautiful countryside and an assortment of old farmers full of life and stories. These days, I am a townie, but still go and visit my parents on their farm with their sheep and chooks. My husband and I have an amazing son who we simply adore. We also add to the chaos of everyday life by owning a rescue Kelpie who is very much a part of our family and rules the roost. I have only ever owned Kelpies, have never been without a dog and think they are the greatest types of humans. I am a social butterfly and love people. I love meeting them and talking to them and hearing their stories. It's a true privilege being able to capture their stories in the form of photographs. I seriously LOVE my job and the people that I get to meet as part of that.

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