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Austockphoto is an artistic community that supports photographers, designers, agencies and organisations by providing collection of locally-sourced images at a fair price for all.

The team at Austockphoto originate from the design industry and bring artistic vision, experience and a dedication for seeing a collaborative artistic community help redefine the Australia we know and love: the quintessential, the everyday and the beautiful.

Calling Photographers

If you feel you might be a good fit for Austockphoto and if your images tell a story about contemporary Australia, please apply using the form below.

We like to make sure that our photographers' work is fairly valued, and we pay 50% of the royalties from every Exclusive Basic License and 75% of every Exclusive Additional License purchased.

We will require access to an online portfolio; this can be a website or Instagram link. You could also look at free site options like Pixiset or SmugMug. Please show us what you would intend to contribute.

Please note that submissions are reviewed on a quarterly basis; if you don't hear back from us straight away it may be that your application has been added to an upcoming intake.

Artist FAQs


Artist Agreement

Does it cost to join?

Nope, it’s completely free. However, this doesn’t mean that your photos will be automatically accepted. The collection will be carefully curated so that a buyer won’t have to search through vast amounts of images to find something suitable for their project needs.

What does ‘royalty free’ mean?

Royalty-free means that a buyer does not need to pay further royalties to the artist once the initial licence has been paid for. However, there are some limits to how the Basic Licence can be used. If a buyer requires greater freedom, a range of Additional Licences can be purchased.

So who owns the copyright on my images?

You do. You're just being paid a license fee so that people can use your images for marketing purposes.

How much will your photographers make?

We believe in a fair price for all. Our photographers will receive 50% of every exclusive Basic Licence and 75% of every exclusive Additional Licences purchase. Non exclusive images will receive 25% of every sale.

I’m kind of a big deal right now. How about a bigger cut?

We've decided to stick to the same pricing structure for all photographers, and all images. Simple and fair.

How much will you be charging for images?

All of the photographs in our collection have the same simple price structure, photo prices vary depending on the size purchased. The images cost between $10 to $110 for a Basic Licence and between $100 to $600 for Additional Licences.

What is an ‘additional licence’?

We have 3 Additional Licence options, including:
(a) Unlimited Print (a standard licence allows up to 100,000)
(b) Use across multiple projects, within a single organisation
(c) Use of image on packaging for sale or commercial distribution

Do you offer exclusive image licences

Austockphoto is a royalty free image library and we do not manage licensing for rights managed images or exclusive image usage. Exclusive usage may be negotiated directly between the photographer and the consumer. Photographers must wait 90 days after an image has been removed from the Austockphoto website before they release an exclusive license for the same image.

This stock photo shin-dig sounds great! Can i contribute my shots elsewhere?

Yes, you can. We are asking however that you consider submitting exclusively to Austockphoto so that as a library, we will encourage consumer loyalty and strengthen our online community. Commission on exclusive image sales is between 50%-75%, whereas non-exclusive commissions are fixed at 25%.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch: this is the best thing since sliced bread, served with Vegemite! If at any stage you aren’t happy with the Austockphoto experience, you can easily have your images removed.

Does this library compromise the integrity the australian photography industry?

Right now designers and advertisers are having to modify international (mostly American) images to make them look Australian. We believe that because of this, the Australian photography industry is already being compromised. We want the Austockphoto community to make it easy for designers and advertisers to represent authentic Australia. We are looking forward to seeing how photographers can have an impact on determining how Australia is represented and indeed how we see ourselves. Photographers will continue to be required for bespoke shoots by clients with specific requirements: and being profiled on Austockphoto is a great way to be found for this work.

Are there specific images/subjects you are looking for?

We want images that will resonate with people throughout the diverse, eclectic country that is Australia. Images that capture your city, your suburb, your country town. We want photos of anything you are passionate about. Pictures of pastimes, people, objects, transport and places. We want images of the magnificent. We want insights into the insignificant. We are looking for images that capture your Australian story.

What’s a model release? How am I going to find people to take pictures of?

We offer our contributors support material such as model release forms and other resources, and will be here to support you if you need it. The best models are people that you know your family, friends, neighbours or local small business. Many people are willing to have photos taken of them if they receive a copy of the images in return.

Is there a minimum number of images I need to submit?

Before your profile is made public and your images available for sale, we require you to have a minimum of 25 approved images in your collection.

Do I need to regularly update my profile with more images?

We want our collection to always be growing, offering our customers fresh perspectives on authentic Australian life and so we ask that contributors continue to add images to the library. In doing so, customers will become familiar with their work and potentially consider them for any bespoke needs.

Can I remove my images at anytime?

Yes. Images can be removed from the Austockphoto library, removal requests will be processed within 7 days of receiving notification.

Do I need to submit all image sizes?

No. We need you to upload the largest image size, ideally around 13.5 mega-pixles, and we will take care of the rest.

Will there be checks for model and property releases?

Yes. We will be checking model and property release forms for every image. If a release form is not valid or incomplete the image will not be accepted into our collection.

Are there resources available for photographers to check their obligations with regards to model and property release?

We have a collection of fact sheets available for download with more detailed information around model/property release for the use in stock photography. The Arts Law Centre of Australia is also an excellent resource for photographers when it comes to more detailed release information. Visit their website, email or call (02) 9356 2566 for up to date legal advice and information.

Have you considered cultural sensitivities? Which images may be insensitive to aboriginal culture?

We ask photographers not to submit images of aboriginal sacred sites, every effort will be made to ensure these images are not included in the library. If an image of significance is found in our library it will be removed immediately. Our library will not include imagery of indigenous rock art, we believe this art belongs to the traditional communities who created them and should not be available for commercial purposes.

For more information on photographing aboriginal people and cultural sites please email us for a fact sheet.

Will there be consequences for photographers who do not follow your guidelines?

Any photographers who do not follow our guidelines around appropriate image content and approval processes will have their images and profiles removed from our library. Our aim is to create a community of like-minded creatives who respect the rights, privacy and representation of the subject/s of their images.

What is austockphoto’s response to inappropriate usage of licensed imagery?

If we discover or inappropriate usage of one of our licensed images is brought to our attention, every effort will be made to recoup any losses to the artist. We will also endeavour to end licensing images to particular individuals and organisations who breach our usage agreement.

Will there be a record of my sales, how do I keep track of what images are sold?

Yes. Once the library is live for sales a summary of sales will be available within your profile. This will track which images have sold and in what resolution. It will also tally the remuneration of sales.

Will you supply me with a sales summary for tax return purposes?

Yes. A tax summary will be available within your profile page.

Do I need an abn?

Yes. For us to licence and sell images on your behalf we require a valid ABN. If no ABN is supplied legally the ATO required us withhold 50% of your income as tax.

Do I need to be registered for GST?

As part of the agency arrangement between Austockphoto and the photographer, Austockphoto will generate the relevant tax invoices for each particular sale and commission charged, relieving the photographer of such duties. It is the responsibility of each photographer to check their GST reporting obligations with their respective accountant/tax adviser. Austockphoto is not liable for providing any GST advice to a photographer.

I’ve had a bad experience with stock photography websites in the past. How are you different?

Many photographers have been burnt by stock photo sites in the past – unappreciated, unrecognised, and paid next to nothing for their art. Austockphoto is determined to be different. We will showcase your photographs on a clean and well organised website, giving you a platform to sell your work at a fair price. Your unique profile will help you connect you with other artists, designers and advertisers, and this will give you potential opportunities for further collaborations and work. Austockphoto will be a community and a local photo library provided by artists, for artists.


Photographs, video / audio-visual footage, and other images submitted by the Owner to Austockphoto from time to time via (or other URL operated by Austockphoto), and accepted by Austockphoto (at its sole discretion) for inclusion in the catalogues of images (“the Catalogue”) made available by Austockphoto to third parties (“Customers”) who may wish to purchase the right to use images.

Grant of Rights:

The Owner hereby grants Austockphoto the following rights as an exclusive worldwide licence:

(a) Catalogue Rights:
The Right to communicate the Works to the public via any website, social media platform or other portal owned, operated, controlled or authorised by Austockphoto or to publish copies of the Works in physical form, for the purpose of promoting the Works to potential Customers.

(b) Customer Licence Rights
The Right to grant Customers non-exclusive licences, worldwide in perpetuity, to reproduce, publish, communicate to the public and otherwise exploit the Works in all media now known or yet to be invented, in accordance with the standard terms and conditions published by Austockphoto from time to time.

(c) Promotion Rights
The Right to communicate the Works to the public via any website, social media platform or other portal or to publish copies of the Works in physical form, for the purpose of promoting the Works, Catalogue, Owner and/or Austockphoto.
This Right will include the right to publish the approved name, likeness and biography of the Owner.

(d) Adaptation Rights
The Right to adapt, edit, manipulate, synchronise and other otherwise combine the Works with other works and subject matter for the purpose of exploiting the other Rights granted in this Agreement.
In particular, the Artist notes that Austockphoto may publish thumbnails or low-resolution copies of Works in the Catalogue.

The Owner acknowledges that he or she:

(a) may not be credited or attributed in connection with any use and exploitation of the Works under this Agreement;

(b) will not have any claim or entitlement in respect of any work or subject matter incorporating a Work that might be created by a Customer pursuant to a Customer Licence.

The Owner hereby irrevocably consents to use and exploitation of the Works under this Agreement and agrees that he/she will not make any claim that any action of Austockphoto or any Customer with respect to the Works is an infringement of any moral rights or similar rights.

Austockphoto may assign, licence or otherwise deal with its rights under this Agreement at its sole discretion.

Reserved Rights:

Exclusive Works:

The Owner is entitled to exercise the following rights in the Exclusive Works:

(a) display the Works on Owner’s website and any website, social media platform for the purpose of promoting the Owner, and securing further engagements; and

(b) sell, or offer for sale, hardcopy photographic prints of the Works (but not, for the avoidance of doubt, electronic, digital or soft copies of the Works, which right is reserved exclusively to Austockphoto).

The Owner hereby undertakes that he/she will not, and will not grant any third party the right to, during Term otherwise exploit, display or publish the Works by any other means or in any media without the prior written approval of Austockphoto.

The Owner will contact Austockphoto to seek written consent if he or she wishes to do anything with the Works, which is not provided for in this section. Where a third party wishes to exploit rights in the Works, the Owner will refer them to the Austockphoto website.

Except as granted to Austockphoto in this Agreement, copyright in the Works is reserved to the Owner.

Non-Exclusive Works:

The Owner is entitled to exercise the following rights in the Non-Exclusive Works:

(a) display the Works on Owner’s website and any website, social media platform for the purpose of promoting the Owner, and securing further engagements; and

(b) sell, or offer for sale, hardcopy photographic prints of the Works as well as electronic, digital or soft copies of the Works.

Except as granted to Austockphoto in this Agreement, copyright in the Works is reserved to the Owner.

Licence Fee:

As full consideration for the grant of Rights by the Owner under this Agreement, Austockphoto will pay the Owner 50% of the gross Exclusive Basic Licence fees, 75% of the gross Exclusive Additional Licence fees and 25% of the gross Non-Exclusive fees, paid by Customers and actually received by Austockphoto, less only:

(a) bank, credit card and other transaction charges; and

(b) Goods and Services Tax or any other sales or value added tax incurred in connection with any licence granted.Austockphoto will make statements available to the Owner at least monthly in arrears, where Licence Fees in excess of AUD$20 are payable to the Owner. Any payment then due to the Owner will accompany the statement. Licence Fees below $20 will carried forward to the next accounting period.

If GST is payable in respect of any supply made by the Licensor under this agreement, then it will be paid in addition to the Fee, subject to provision of a valid tax invoice by the Licensor.

Taxation & GST:

It is the responsibility of each photographer to check their GST reporting obligations with their respective accountant/tax adviser. Austockphoto is not liable for providing any GST advice to a photographer.

Limitation of Liability:

The Owner agrees that the liability of Austockphoto under this Agreement in respect of any Work, is limited to an amount equal to the Licence Fee paid or payable to the Owner in connection with use of that Work under this Agreement.


This agreement commences on the initial acceptance of a Work by Austockphoto, and will continue until terminated by either party with 30 days' notice to the other.

Austockphoto may withdraw any Work(s) from the Catalogues at its discretion, and without notice to the Owner. The Owner may request Austockphoto withdraw Work(s) from the Catalogues and the work will be removed within 7 days.

Upon withdrawal of a Work or termination of the Term, Austockphoto will use best endeavours to remove all Works from the Catalogue and to cease exercise of the Promotion Rights.

Surviving Rights:

The Owner acknowledges that notwithstanding any termination or expiry of this Agreement or withdrawal of any Work from the Catalogue:

(a) any Customer Rights licence granted during the Term will survive for its full duration;

(b) Austockphoto will retain the exclusive Customer Licence Rights for a further 90 day period for any image that has been exclusively licensed to us.

(c) the warranties and indemnities given by the Owner will remain in effect.


The Owner warrants that:

(a) he or she owns all rights, including copyright, in the Works;

(b) he or she has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and there are no restrictions that prevent the Owner from granting the rights under this Agreement;

(c) he or she has obtained all necessary licences or permissions in relation to any models, locations, or copyright works and subject matter that may be featured or incorporated into the Works, and is not in any way violating the rights of any third party by granting the Rights under this Agreement;

(d) submitted Works are free of any digital rights management, electrontic security or copyright control mechanisms, and are not infected by any virus or malicious software; and

(e) no fees, residuals or royalties will be payable by Austockphoto to any third party in respect of the exploitation of the Works, except as expressly provided for in this Agreement.

and the Owner indemnifies Austockphoto against all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and costs (including legal costs) arising out of any breach of these warranties.

The Owner will notify Austockphoto immediately in the event if they become aware of any breach (or potential breach) of the above warranties.

The Owner indemnifies Austockphoto (and it’s licensees) against all claims, losses, liabilities, damages and costs (including legal costs) arising out of any breach of these warranties.


The parties enter into this Agreement as independent contractors and nothing in this Agreement will be construed to create a relationship of employer and employee, partnership, or joint venture.

These terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede all prior agreements, understandings and representations. Austockophoto may update these terms from time to time and provide written notice to you.

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.