If you work in a creative role, you will know the utter frustration at the lack of easily accessible, quality, contemporary Australian stock photography.

We have felt it for years, and decided it was time for change.

And so marked the beginning of Austockphoto.

Australian Stories

100% Australian

As designers, we know what it’s like to feel exasperated by the time and money it can take to source ‘Australian-looking’ images from international stock libraries. Our aim is to help facilitate more authentic-feeling advertising by making images available which have been shot locally.

Fair Go

Our vision for Austockphoto is for it to be a place where Australian photographers are supported by creative communities and local businesses. Our contributors receive 50% of a Standard License purchase for exclusive images, and 75% of an Additional License Purchase.

Buy Local
Say g'day

It's Personal

As a boutique agency, it’s been significant for us to travel and meet some of our contributing artists. We see this personal approach as a key element of the Austockphoto philosophy. Getting to know our photographers is really important to us, as they are the ones who will be capturing unique moments and telling visual stories from around our country.

100% Curated

We believe in quality, not quantity when it comes to stock photography. We’ve only accepted the most talented of this nation’s photographers and have carefully selected each and every shot so that your search results won’t produce any rubbish: just beautiful, relevant Aussie content.

A fair price for all

Who's behind all this

Right now we are just a small but lively troupe of four, passionate about keeping it real for the Australian creative industry.

We believe in locally-sourced stock and that more can be done to support Australian photographers. Having to use off-shore images to tell Australian stories will soon be a thing of the past; we are continuing to build a collection of accessible, everyday images and we're so excited to share them with you.


Claire, co-owner of
Austockphoto and Boheem

In 2014 whilst searching for the gazillionth time for an appropriate stock image, that Claire considered she mustn't be the only designer with this same daily challenge. She decided once and for all that something had to be done, and her already successful partnership with Kass would be just the thing to make it happen. Claire is continuing her creative director role at Boheem whilst Austockphoto finds its feet.


Kass, co-owner of
Austockphoto and Boheem

'Work hard and be nice to people.' It's with this mantra that Kass gets people on-board – no matter how crazy the idea – and gets stuff done. Her 20 years' experience as a designer has refined further her already incredible gift for finding 'the right shot' for a brand or campaign, and she applies this same sense of style to her curating of the Austockphoto collection.


business development

Libby is a high school friend of Claire's, returning to work after a few years at home with her three boys. She has a background in communications, bundles of energy and a love of storytelling. We love Libby's attention to detail and the way she has made it her priority to make sure our photographers are looked after and that no question is left unanswered.


Matt (of Kass & Matt),
business development

Matt is super easy going and always keen for a coffee or a beer (depending on the time of day!) and a yarn about Australian photography. Matt and Kass spent 2015 adventuring their way around Australia with their two kids in a caravan, spreading the word about Austockphoto as they went.

Our great aussie roadtrip

We know this is a special country, and one that should be captured archived and shared for years to come. Half the Austockphoto team spent 2015 travelling around Australia, in a caravan, with their two children spreading the Austockphoto word. They visited weird and wonderful locations, and met with many wonderful, inspiring photographers along the way. Follow their adventures past and present here.