Why do we need an Australian image library?

We understand how frustrating it can be to source fantastic, natural Australian images and know for a fact that design, advertising and marketing industries are daily looking for local, real images with very little success. There are vast amounts of Australian photographs available; images of wildlife, famous Australian landmarks, and landscapes. But there is a greater need for local photos that tell a story of what it means to be Australian. Images that reveal the diverse, everyday Australian way of life.

Does this library compromise the integrity the Australian photography industry?

Before Austockphoto launched in late 2016, people working in the design and advertising industries were constantly needing to modify international (mostly American) images to make them look Australian. We believe that because of this, the Australian photography industry has been compromised. We want the Austockphoto community to make it easy for local brands to represent authentic Australia. We love that our photographers can have a real tangible impact on determining how Australia is represented and indeed how we see ourselves.

What does 'royalty free' mean?

Royalty-free means that a buyer does not need to pay further royalties to the artist once the initial licence has been paid for. However, there are some limits to how the Basic Licence can be used. If a buyer requires greater freedom, a range of Additional Licences can be purchased.

How much do you charge for images?

All of the photographs in our collection have the same simple price structure, photo prices vary depending on the size purchased. The images cost between $30 and $125 for a Basic Licence and between $100 and $600 for Additional Licences.

Do you have corporate accounts?

We do offer Corporate and Agency Accounts to approved customers. These accounts incorporate a range of features for managing your team, flexible payment options including pre-pay and monthly billing along with customised price structures.

To find out more please contact us and we will send you out an information pack.

What are the actual pixel sizes for the basic licences?

Pixel sizes will be approximately:
Small = 1620 x 1080px (1.75MP) approx.
Medium = 2400 x 1600px (3.85MP) approx.
Large = 3285 x 2190px (7.2MP) approx.
Extra Large = 4500 x 3000px (13.5MP) largest avail.

What is an 'additional licence'?

We have 3 Additional Licence options, including:
(a) Unlimited Print (a standard licence allows up to 100,000)
(b) Use across multiple projects, within a single organisation
(c) Use of image on packaging for sale or commercial distribution

Do you offer exclusive image licences?

Austockphoto is a royalty free image library and we do not manage licensing for rights managed images or exclusive image usage. Exclusive usage may be negotiated directly between the photographer and the customer. Photographers must wait 90 days after an image has been removed from the Austockphoto website before they release an exclusive license for the same image.

Have you considered cultural sensitivities? Which images may be insensitive to Aboriginal culture?

We ask photographers not to submit images of Aboriginal sacred sites, every effort is made to ensure these images are not included in the library. If an image of cultural significance is found in our library it will be removed. Our library does not include imagery of indigenous rock art, we believe this art belongs to the traditional communities who created them and should not be available for commercial purposes.

Do you make efforts to clear images portraying Aboriginal peoples and artefacts with community representatives?

We work in consultation with individual photographers to ensure appropriate approvals and clearances have been received from aboriginal leaders or community representatives. We are aware selling the rights to these images without approval may be culturally offensive.

What is Austockphoto's response to inappropriate usage of licensed imagery?

If we discover or inappropriate usage of one of our licensed images is brought to our attention, every effort will be made to recoup any losses to the artist. We will also endeavour to end licensing images to particular individuals and organisations who breach our usage agreement.