Jude Watson
Sydney, NSW

After a brief introduction to photography via my interior architecture degree, I became interested in photography as a creative outlet. Completely self-taught, it is worth noting that I failed my first year University module in “Photography and the Darkroom”. For some reason though, I still turned to the camera to feed my artistic output. After borrowing my dad’s DSLR I set upon a journey that was equally frustrating as it was rewarding. Through my architectural studies, the obvious ‘go to’ subject was the built environment, and, to this day, it continues to be the driver of my photographic works. The challenge of architectural photography is to capture a three-dimensional mass in a two-dimensional image. I’m continuously drawn to the fundamental elements of form, mass and how architecture can be portrayed as a series of lines and geometry. Added to that, is the intriguing effects of light and shadow that the urban environment provides a continuously changing palette to work with.

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