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100% Australian,
100% Royalty Free,
Completely independent


Our mission is to offer a carefully curated collection of all-Australian
stock photography, providing beautiful, authentic, local images captured
by a wide range of artists and made available at a fair price for all.

100% Australian. 100% Royalty Free. Completely independent.



For photographers to
showcase their work



Capturing the ‘real’ Australia
(no boxing kangaroos here)



North, South, East and West,
and everything in between!



A resource for the creative
industry with local talent

We’re 100% home-grown

Austockphoto is a new all Australian stock photography library. We will be providing our customers with images that tell authentic, local, Australian stories.

We are an artistic community that supports photographers, designers and organisations by providing a collection of beautiful, authentic Australian images. For too long, Australians have been forced to licence overseas images to tell Australian stories and represent Australian organisations. We want that to change, and we welcome you to take a look at our ever expanding network of talented, local photographers.

They are capturing images from all over this huge country that truly resonate with all aspects of the Australian experience. All images in our collection are Royalty Free and are priced according to the size of the image purchased. Photographers receive 50% – 75% of all exclusive image sales, ensuring they feel valued and are paid fairly for their talents.

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Australia’s best, all in one place

Austockphoto can only happen with the contributions of the talented photographers
who are building this beautiful archive of images.


Submissions are temporarily closed

We’ve changed gears and are busy preparing for the launch of the Austockphoto collection.
Unfortunately, this means we are not currently taking on any new photographers. You are still more than welcome to leave your details, and we will be in touch when applications open again. Thank you!

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Who’s behind all this

Well… right now we are just a small but lively troupe of four who
are passionate about the Australian Creative Industry.

We believe that more can be done to support local photographers. Trying to pass off American photographs as Australian will soon be a thing of the past; we are gathering a collection of accessible, beautiful, everyday contemporary Australian images and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Claire, co-owner of Austockphoto and Boheem
Claire, co-owner of Austockphoto and Boheem

It was late 2014, whilst searching for the gazillionth time for an image suitable for a local client, that Claire realised there was an ongoing need for real Australian photography. Her already successful partnership with Kass would be just the thing to make it happen! Claire is keeping the wheels turning at Boheem whilst Austockphoto finds its feet.

Kass, co-owner of Austockphoto and Boheem
Kass, co-owner of Austockphoto and Boheem

Kass is a designer who makes things happen. She decided to turn life as she knows it upside down for nine months, and with her partner Matt and their two kids, explore this vast and incredible country of ours, in a caravan. She can now add caravan driver, kindergarten teacher and wanna-be photographer to her resume!

Libby, administrator
Libby, administrator

A highschool friend of Claire’s, returning to work after a few years at home with her three boys. She has a background in communications, bundles of energy and a love of storytelling. We love the way Libby has made it her priority to make sure our photographers are looked after and that no question is left unanswered.

Matt (of Kass & Matt), social media and marketing
Matt (of Kass & Matt), social media and marketing

Matt spent 2015 adventuring his way around Australia, spreading the word about Austockphoto as he went. Matt is super easy going and if you’re up for it, he’s keen for a beer or coffee (depending on the time of day!) and a yarn about Austockphoto.

Our Great Australian Roadtrip

During 2015, we embarked on an Australia-wide journey with 1 caravan, 2 kids and a spirit for adventure.

We spent the year spreading the Austockphoto word, visiting weird and wonderful locations and meeting photographers.

We know this is a special country, and one that should be captured, archived and shared for years to come.

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